The Return on Your Investment

When you invest in best-in-class emergency care, you’ll see the return on your investment. You’ll attract new patients who may have commuted to an urban hospital or chosen to ignore care. Over time, your community’s health and well being will improve − as will your hospital’s financial health.

The change is tangible.

Here are specific ways that Innova can help you elevate emergency care…

Exceptional Patient Care

High quality care starts with high caliber physicians

  • We use an innovative physician staffing model to attract fresh, talented and leading-edge physicians to your emergency department. In our model, we offer equitable, performance-based pay for every physician on our team, incenting behaviors that improve your ROI.
  • Our focus on equity creates a healthy and stable culture that carries over to your hospital. We have very low physician turnover rates and high levels of accountability, teamwork and quality of care.
  • Based on your budget, we give you a choice for as many board certified and residency-trained emergency physicians as possible. They bring advanced skills in patient care, flow efficiency and management strategies to your emergency department.
  • Our next generation physicians are adept with technology, making them more efficient and accurate with charting.

We treat patients with dignity, giving them a voice

  • Through our unique communication process, we take the mystery out of the ER. Our patients know exactly what our emergency team is doing, why they’re doing it, and where they are in the flow.
  • We give our patients an outlet for real-time feedback, so we can immediately improve our processes, as needed. You’ll see the results through higher patient satisfaction scores and a lower number of patients leaving without being seen.

Every physician is 100% accountable

  • We are highly accountable and focused on your ROI. We build patient satisfaction standards into our agreement with you, as well as into our reward system with our physicians.
  • Our expected standard for patient satisfaction is the 85th percentile. We consider anything above the 90th percentile to be excellent and anything under the 75th percentile to be unacceptable.

Strong Results

Proven experience creating better results

A competitive mindset and a strong sense of ownership

  • We believe every hospital competes for patients, regardless of whether the next hospital is two miles away or two hours away. Our goal is to give people a compelling reason to choose your hospital.
  • We use a variety of patient and staff metrics to measure your progress and ensure our accountability, including patient satisfaction, door-to-doctor times, patients left without being seen (LWBS), staff turnover rates and other pertinent metrics.

Community Value

We get involved in your community

  • Our physicians do much more than punch a time clock. We get involved in your hospital committees and get to know your medical staff well, which helps build trust and strengthen relationships.
  • We become a part of your community, engaging in volunteerism, mentoring and community activism. We choose to get involved at the local level, supporting the following types of organizations with our time, energy and financial resources:
    • Mt. San Rafael Hospital Foundation
    • Denver Broncos charities
    • Minds Matter of Denver
    • Goodwill of Denver
    • Brent’s Place (Aurora)
    • Camp Wapiyapi (Denver)
  • We’re excited to mentor future providers and show them the value of rural care. We’ve mentored nurse practitioners and medical students from schools such as: the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the Rocky Vista Osteopathic School of Medicine, and the Regis School of Nursing / Nurse Practitioner Program. This allows us to give back, and it serves as a great recruiting tool for our hospitals.

Where Can Innova Take Your Emergency Department?

To discuss your hospital’s needs, please schedule an exploratory conversation with our founder and director, Stephen Sherick, MD.