Better Care, Efficiency and Results
than You Ever Imagined

What if your emergency department could run like a Swiss watch? Reliable. Well-constructed. Innovative in design. Impeccable in quality.

Imagine never having to give your emergency department a second thought.

By taking a fresh approach to the staffing model and culture, and leveraging best practices from other industries, we’re empowering hospitals to serve patients with greater care, efficiency and results than they ever imagined.

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Staffing and Culture

When you partner with Innova, you can expect:

  • Synergistic staffing. You outsource your entire emergency department staff to Innova. In return, you receive a unified team of high caliber physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, techs and administrative assistants. Every staff member’s goals and compensation are aligned, so you’re able to offer an unparalleled level of care and efficiency. We are redefining team-based care.
  • Performance-based compensation and accountability: You entrust your emergency department management to Innova, and we divide compensation up among the team based on results. We incent efficiency and pay for performance. In addition, our agreement with you is based upon achieving exceptional performance targets. The 85th percentile is our expected standard for patient satisfaction. Scores below the 75th percentile are unacceptable.
  • A culture of ownership. Members of your emergency department share aligned goals and are equitably rewarded for desired results. As such, your staff has a high degree of ownership in seeing your hospital succeed. Every new patient who walks into your emergency department is celebrated as an achievement, rather than additional unwanted work. This culture of ownership permeates through every process and every employee (no matter how long someone has worked in your emergency department).
  • Realignment of responsibilities. All of the employees in your emergency department maximize their level of training. Physicians focus on patient care and strategic decision-making. Physician assistants help with procedures and care communication. Nurses expertly implement the care. Well-trained techs and assistants focus on direct patient assistance and time-consuming data entry. Everyone is doing what he or she does best. This model allows us to staff efficiently and create an exceptional work environment for the staff.
  • Unprecedented stability. Your staff stays with you because they’re treated well for the skills and the results they bring to your emergency department. As your staff turnover goes down, your patient flow and quality of care go up.

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How Far Can Your Hospital Go with Innovative Staffing?

To discuss your emergency department, please schedule an exploratory conversation with our founder and director, Stephen Sherick, MD.