What Our Physician Staffing Means for You

High caliber physicians (in training & relevant experience)

With extensive professional training, our physicians are up-to-speed on cutting-edge techniques and tests in their clinical care. They know how to choose the right tests, move a department, and chart accurately, so you can maximize your patients’ experiences, as well as your revenue. We also track metrics by physician to promote continual professional development among your physician team.

Exceptional patient experience

We use best practices in communication. In the waiting room, our patients receive a pamphlet that explains why they’re waiting and who their doctor is. Communication continues through the visit, with the patient able to answer why the medical team is doing what it’s doing, what the diagnosis is, and what the plan is for moving forward. At the end of a visit, patients provide real-time written feedback, so we can learn from each visit and better meet the next patient’s needs.

Efficient flow

Our well-trained physicians are effective decision makers who are skilled at moving patients quickly, while keeping people happy, particularly at higher volumes. The more patients who leave your emergency room happy, the higher your volumes will grow and the better off your community and bottom line will be.

Stability and consistency in staffing and care

Our innovative culture and incentive system ensure that you receive a stable, high-quality team of physicians who are highly accountable and deliver a consistent level of care to your patients. We’ve found that creating an exceptional culture in your emergency department can help build stability and improve the overall experience in other departments as well.

Physician accountability

If a patient complains, our physicians are fully accountable for their actions, and we address situations immediately. Our team has a strong sense of ownership in running an effective emergency department, and we reward each physician’s behaviors appropriately.

Good to excellent patient satisfaction

The main driver for patient satisfaction is wait time. At Mt. San Rafael Hospital, we’re running an emergency department that was designed for a capacity of 4,000 patients per year at a volume of 10,000 patients per year, with excellent patient satisfaction scores and performance metrics. We understand how to make the most out of a given situation, and we help you excel within your parameters.

Involvement in your hospital community for strong relationships We actively participate in your committees, collaborate with local clinics, and help physicians from other departments, as needed. In doing so, your local medical staff gets to know us, build their trust in us and forge a much stronger rapport with us than with an emergency physician who just punches the time clock. Our friendly and courteous team has a record of building excellent relationships with nurses and auxiliary staff members, as well as other physicians, creating a higher level of collaboration.

Let's Explore Your Hospital's Opportunities

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