Summary of Services

While our services may be similar to other groups, how we deliver those services and the results we achieve are uniquely Innova. Please take a moment to learn how our services can add value for your hospital.

Core Services Description
Physician staffing for your emergency department (24/7)

We tailor all aspects of physician staffing, scheduling and payroll to your emergency medical needs, focusing on high caliber physicians who bring advanced skills in patient care and flow efficiency to your emergency department.

We match you with as many residency trained and board certified physicians as possible for your budget and patient volume, striving to give you the best talent possible within your parameters.

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Direct access to Innova’s owner

We lift the pressure from you by being accessible and accountable at the highest level of our company. In those critical times when you need us (whether it’s 3 pm or 3 am), you can count on us to support you.

We value your contract, and you never have to worry about getting lost in layers of corporate bureaucracy. Our owner is always just a phone call or email away.

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Charting Efficacy

We maximize your revenue potential through accurate and effective charting of evaluation and management (E/M) codes, procedures, critical care and facility charges.

Our high caliber physicians are well trained in charting and have significant knowledge of coding, so you can run a more financially stable facility.

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Modular Services Description
Turnkey coding, billing and / or collections

We streamline your administrative workload and minimize your headaches with our modular coding, billing and collection services.

Our experienced data professionals understand the nuances of accurately coding data, collaborating with insurance companies, and finding the delicate balance between being effective in collections and maintaining positive relationships with your community.

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