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CEO and Founder Steve Sherick

Being innovative is about being smart in everything we do for you - whether your goal is to improve your quality, results and reputation or to stand out as a world-class hospital in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

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Service Description
Full staffing and management of your entire emergency department (24/7)

Innova manages all aspects of employment, scheduling, and payroll for your full emergency department, from your physicians, to your nursing staff, to your techs and administrative assistants.

Imagine having a turnkey department with an unparalleled level of accountability, teamwork, flow efficiency, and quality of care.

Budget oversight for aligned incentives

We oversee your entire emergency department personnel budget, aligning the incentives of every employee to the same, shared goals for service excellence.

Using cohesive metrics, we incent and reward staff members for hard work, so everyone sees a new patient as a success, rather than a burden. The team knows, when your emergency department does well, they do well too.

There is full equity, which increases buy-in and a sense of ownership among the extended team. We don’t require our medical staff to “put in their time” before they’re able to share in the success that they help create.

Metric-based guarantees

We promise better results than you’re currently receiving, and the terms of our agreement are based around strategic metrics − such as length of stay, door to doctor, door to disposition, patient satisfaction and other pertinent measures. Tell us what’s important to you, and we’ll help you get there.

Cultural redesign for smarter staffing

We want your emergency department to run better than ever before.

We realign staff responsibilities, so each position is maximizing its level of training and there is cohesive flow. Physicians are roving intellects with a focus on patient care and making decisions. Nurses get to use their highest skills, delivering medications and direct care. Lesser-trained employees focus on patient comfort, data entry and administrative tasks.

Our goal is to attract the “best of the best” in emergency department talent to your hospital, so your ER becomes a highly attractive place for patients to visit.

Excellence in the use of electronic medical records

We expect our physicians and medical staff to develop a high level of proficiency with electronic medical records. “Getting by” is not enough.

We seek out next generation physicians who are accustomed to and well versed in the use of technology.

We streamline patient history collection, so a patient only has to give it once − improving a patient’s experience and building patient flow efficiencies.

Strategic medical record charting

We use well-trained physician assistants and scribes to accurately and effectively chart evaluation and management (E/M) codes and facility charges, so you can maximize your revenue.

Lifting this time-consuming documentation from your physicians, we are able to reduce unnecessary physician staffing, while improving patient care and staff morale.

Direct access to Innova’s owner

You have 24/7 access to our owner for the highest level of accountability and service. You also can expect personal ownership and accountability from every person in the emergency department.

Coding, billing and collections for the emergency department

Our experienced and well-trained data professionals minimize your administrative headaches with turnkey coding, billing and collection services.

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